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From the desk of Eric Moyer

Dear Athlete:

You want Vertical Blast to jump higher and increase your vertical leap, right?

You've been hearing about the hyped up benefits of creatine jump higher drinks but wanted to find out for yourself  "what's up?"  Maybe you were wondering if it really works, is it safe, and what the benefits really are with all the hype removed. As the author or the Jump Higher and Increase Vertical Leap program I think I've seen and tried everything over the last 15 years working with athletes. And...

You've probably read advertisements for Vertical Blast that reads something like this:

"Expert Scientist & Clinical Researcher Swears Under Oath that Vertical Blast Contains No Illegal Stimulants or Muscle Enhancing Drugs!..."

"Amateur Basketball Player Mistaken for the Bionic Man After Drinking New Miracle Liquid That Makes Him Leap 14" Higher Than Ever Before!"

Well, I'm not going to say all that, but some players get some amazing results!

1) Learn what makes Vertical Blast work.  Which ingredients are hype and which are essential.

2) Find out about the JumpingAdvantage program that teaches you How You Can Make a Vertical Blast Drink for pennies a day, saving you big time $$!

3) Save money on Vertical Blast Off from our discount mail order or secure online order link below.

O.K., Let's Learn what makes Vertical BlastOff so effective, starting with it's main ingredient: Creatine

What is Creatine?

Creatine is an amino acid occurring naturally in fish and red meat. While creatine is in some of the food you eat, you could not possibly eat enough meat or fish to effectively increase the level of creatine in their system to levels needed for super maximal physical performance. Normally less than 1 gram per day is supplied by the diet and another gram is synthesized (by the kidneys and liver.) 

How does creatine work?

Muscles are powered by a compound known as ATP. When you exercise, you burn food calories which generate ATP. However, ATP is used up very quickly, and next for energy, your body switches over to its reserves of creatine phosphate. So creatine is like a backup energy supply that kicks in during periods of peak demand. Creatine helps extend the time your muscles and mind can work intensively before you fatigue and you feel exhausted.

Creatine loading is especially useful among strength training athletes like basketball players, football players, bodybuilders, and power lifters. Since strength training involves all-out muscle work for about a minute or less, the muscular demands for energy are huge. Especially during the last two or three repetitions of a set, the cells must tap into their backup energy supply - CP in order to keep working. The more CP in the muscles, the longer you can work at peak levels, and the more explosive muscle you can pack on.

Creatine and Vertical Jump

Fast twitch muscle fibers especially benefit from creatine supplementation. Jumping is an explosive activity that's fast twitch muscle intensive and rapidly depletes the muscle's available ATP supply. Creatine supplementation powers your fast twitch muscles while helping you build more fast twitch fibers. Creatine is the perfect addition to muscle building power / plyometric programs such as found in the JumpingAdvantage program or with JumpSoles. Not only can it help you jump higher on every jump, but it can help you recover faster after intense workouts.

"I noticed my that on my second and third jump for a rebound I was jumping higher than before, plus in the weight room I was pumping off 4-5 more reps with the same weight, easily with no problem!"

Why effervescent creatine?

Perhaps you’ve tried raw creatine monohydrate commonly sold in stores. It’s white, chalky, and almost impossible to fully dissolve. Not our product. The chemical process which makes our creatine effervescent or “bubbly” converts raw creatine monohydrate into a more soluble form. It’s the only form of creatine your muscles can absorb. Any undissolved creatine just passes through your body. Better absorption means better power from your muscles.

A study was done at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska which measured anaerobic work capacity in subjects taking creatine monohydrate, creatine monohydrate plus carbohydrates, effervescent creatine, and a placebo. The findings were stunning. The effervescent creatine didn’t just produce a slight increase; it ramped up work capacity by an amazing 84 percent over creatine plus carbs and a whopping 194.9 percent over creatine monohydrate!

What's so special about the Vertical Blast off formulation?

Perhaps you tried creatine before but didn’t notice much gain? Perhaps you were unsure as to what to mix it with: water, apple juice, orange juice, cranberry juice. As it turns out, none of these mixtures get creatine into your muscles at optimum levels. Typically, only 30% of raw creatine monohydrate is absorbed into your muscles. To get creatine into the muscles where it does its job, you not only have to get it fully dissolved, you then need to trigger your body to release insulin.

The various fruit juices people commonly try to mix creatine into are low in glycemic index and less capable of triggering the proper insulin response. Research has shown that dextrose, a high glycemic index carbohydrate, is the best ingredient for causing optimum insulin response. Vertical Blastoff™ Effervescent Creatine has the proper amount of dextrose to fully load creatine into your muscles. Vertical Blast off is the simplest way to properly take your creatine.

"Vertical Blast Off tastes good, mixes easily and it doesn't upset my stomach like others I've tried."

Just add water. Watch it fizz. Every vital ingredient goes into solution instantly. It's fun to watch. It's fruity to taste. But make no mistake, it's a serious shot of energy being pumped directly into your muscles. While creatine is the main ingredient, a supporting cast of essential minerals makes the formula work. Vertical Blast off contains Magnesium which scientists now know stabilizes both ATP and Creatine Phosphate for maximum cell energy and energy reserves.

Magnesium is an essential mineral often lacking in many diets, and a nutrient which drains all too quickly from the body during exercise. Plus, Vertical Blast off is completely gentle on your stomach, unlike raw creatine which has been known to cause upset stomach, cramping, and diarrhea.

What about ingredients like Ribose, Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM  and HMB?

We have chosen not to include these ingredients because they have no effect on vertical leap or gaining muscle mass whatsoever and are listed as marketing hype to fool the athlete. They may be good for joints but not for jumping, and you'd be much better off getting a larger precise dosage from a pill or capsule rather than the tiny amount that is sprinkled in with competitor's formulas. Plus my dentist told me Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate cause too much plaque to be produced and build up on your teeth... yuck.

How do I take Vertical Blastoff™ Effervescent Creatine?

There's a scoop inside the container. One full scoop is 9 grams creatine. Per serving dose is 4 to 5 grams. Therefore take about ½ scoop with 4 to 6 ounces of water 30 minutes to 1 hour before exercise. During loading phase, space 3 to 4 servings throughout the day.

Do I need to cycle?

Cycling is a period of time where an athlete stops taking the supplement for short period and then resumes its use. It was used by steroid users to allow the body to recuperate from any stress or damage to the body. Creatine is not harmful to the body and does not need to be cycled. That being said, the extra cautious approach is to cycle "just because". You can cycle 4 months on, 1 month off. Remember: the function of creatine is to provide the body with energy reserves -- if cycled off, the reserve will require reloading again for 5 days.

Is Creatine safe?

There have been hundreds of studies done on creatine. No supplement in the last 10 years has undergone as much scrutiny and have passed so many tests for safety. While overwhelming evidence indicates that creatine is safe, you should always check with your physician before supplementing with any nutrient. Be sure that you have no pre-existing kidney or liver conditions. Creatine is the real deal that's safe for packing on muscle, a much better alternative to steroids or growth hormone which are illegal, can cause terrible harm, and can even kill you.

I'm a teenager. Is creatine for me? recommends that you be 18 or over before using creatine. While the use of creatine by high school athletes has become increasingly popular with no evidence of unsafety, there is controversy about this trend. is a comprehensive site on creatine. If you are a teenager wanting to use creatine, be sure to discuss this information with your parents, and take the low end of the dosage range that comes with the product instructions.

I'm an older adult. Is creatine for me?

You lose muscle mass and levels of important body chemicals as you age. Creatine phosphate is a critical chemical in all cells of the body. It gives energy that lets muscles contract and nerve cells send messages to each other. Muscle loss with aging often results in accidents and falls greatly lowering the quality of life. Research indicates that creatine helps older adults increase muscle mass and strength and maintain brain function. Older adults are handicapped by high priced medications and sometimes limited options for improving muscle fitness. Creatine supplements are cheap and can make a big difference in your everyday quality of life.

It's also a diet aid that helps protect against muscle loss when dieting

 I'm a woman. Will I get huge muscles by taking creatine?

For women, physiology is different from men, especially in the hormones. Studies done on women show that creatine increases strength, while not adding bulky body builder type muscle mass. In men it will increase mass, in women it will not.

"You workout, run or jump for it to have it's effect. You will not instantly jump higher if you just drink it and sit there like a "couch potato."

To jump higher and run faster, you need to build explosive power in your legs through the best exercise methods such as found in the JumpingAdvantage program, and the best muscle building nutritionals. Vertical Blast off Effervescent Creatine is the next generation creatine bodybuilding nutritional supplement that's the first of its kind. Vertical Blast off has an added 75 mg of Dextrose, a sugar which spikes the anabolic hormone insulin to drive creatine into the muscles.

Working out causes your muscles to absorb it like a sponge!

Any other form of sugar is not nearly as effective. Table sugar is not, fructose containing fruit juices are not. We show you where to dextrose real cheap in the JumpingAdvantage program.  VerticalBlast off also has Alpha Lipoic Acid which stabilizes the sugar in the body. This way, more creatine is shuttled into the muscle cell and you achieve a more pronounced volumizing effect. You get more endurance with strength than with any other creatine based product on the market.

Many test subjects are gaining between 5-10 pounds of lean body mass in just 7 days! Bodybuilders using Vertical Blast off have reported gains of up to 30 pounds in muscle mass in only 8 weeks, combined with dramatic increases in strength and muscle hardness.

"In 2 weeks I personally gained 4 pounds in body weight, gained 4 inches on my vertical leap and increased my bench press 50 lbs. and squat 70 lbs. This is the one supplement I've used that produced results I could easily measure and feel."

Our specially formulated Effervescent Creatine dissolves in water to create a delicious, carbonated grape flavored drink. Now you don't have to take it like medicine, but drink the most delicious Creatine drink on the market!

Let's Wrap It Up Here...

Vertical Blastoff Features and Benefits Review
-Increased Strength and Vertical Leap
-Improved Recovery From Strenuous Workouts
-Helps Guard Against Muscle Loss When Dieting
-Superior Absorption- Better results, Need to use less saving $$.
-It won't upset your stomach like ordinary creatine.
-Great taste-Grape flavor makes it easy to drink.
-Convenient ordering through the mail or secure online.
-Save $$ here because it's sold at a discount.

See the awesome effects creatine can have on your muscles - and then on your hops!

As you can see the benefits to giving it a try a pretty darn good with minimal risks and low cost. You can either order JumpingAdvantage and make your own or simply order Vertical Blast Off at a discount below by mail or securely online. Either way you save $$. Our Price is $34.95 + $10 Shipping=$44.95 or 4 Canisters  for $99.95 + $20 Shipping =$119.95

Vertical Blastoff $34.95 + $10 Shipping=$44.95

4 Canisters Vertical Blastoff for $99.95 + $20 Shipping =$119.95


2. Click Here for the Vertical Blast Off Printable Mail Order Form

3. Click Here to go to Jumping Advantage Jump Higher Program page which includes instructions how to make your own jump higher drink for pennies a day.

Try it, I think you'll like it! I know I did and so did thousands of other athletes.


Eric Moyer

Disclaimer and Product Guarantee: Vertical Blast Off is guaranteed to be a top quality creatine mixture. You may return un-opened product for a full refund of the product price. Shipping is non-refundable. There are no returns of opened product. Vertical Blast Off is distributed by JumpUSA Metapro and is one of the original Vertical Blast formulas and continues year after year to be #1 seller on the market.  Please do not confuse this product with  inferior copy cat verticalblast products advertising false product guarantees and results.

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